Michael Ealy – check him out in the number one box office movie The Perfect Guy with Sanaa Lathan. He’s rocking a #4 guard all over with a shadow taper. Notice the soft edges of the haircut, you don’t always need to have a sharp line to look great. 3

Omari Hardwick -Ghost’s character is both street and business, so it makes since for his haircut to be conservative but still maintaining a bit of urban style.  He rocks a #1.5 with the grain and a shadow taper. The sharp lines of the Goat Tee help to bring power and focus to his words. 4

Leon Bridges – Check out his album Coming Home, it is amazing throwback to the 1950’s era of music and a breath of fresh air.  He rocks a pompadour style haircut with a hard part on the side. The sides are cut to about a 2 with the grain and his sideburns are kept square. 2

Michael B Jordan – Did an incredible job in the movie Fruitvale Station, about the murder of Oscar Grant, that movie will bring you to tears. In the picture below he’s rocking a medium shadow fade. The length on the top is a #2 with the grain. 5

John D. Washington – You can check him out on the HBO hit show Ballers alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  His haircut is another variation of the South of France haircut. The length is cut with a freehand technique so they’re are no guards or sizes on this one.  The sides in the temple area are tapered and the beard is also faded down into the longer hair of the goat tee.

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